Stella helps Executives and Corporate Managers in international corporations at making their Change & Transformation projects a success.

This has led her to partner with companies in industries such as Banking & Finance, Legal services, Travelling, Management Consulting, Information & Technology, etc.

She adds value by:

  • Enabling the buy-in of key strategic stakeholders across the different layers of the organisation, from Top Management to Operations teams
  • Coordinating the delivery of strategic transformation projects across the organisation
  • Increasing team productivity and performance
Stella Bida Business Consultant Client


Stella regularly creates custom talks for some of the world’s most innovative companies and events. This had led her to multiple invitations to speak:

  • Corporate exclusive events with companies in industries such as Banking & Financial services, Legal services, Health care, ...
  • International organisations exclusive events, such as with the European Commission & International Delegations
  • High-end virtual events, involving Business Leaders, Entrepreneurs or State & Government personalities

She has spoken live to +10,000 people over the last years, sharing the stage with: Business tycoons and pioneers, celebrities, Olympic athletes, Oscar winning actors, as well as Heads of States and governments.

International business events have led her to sharing the stage with people such as Steve Wozniak (Apple's co-founder), Jessica Simpson (billionaire business tycoon), Michael Douglas (Golden Globes winning actor), Mel Gibson (Oscar Winning Actor).

She has spoken internationally, in 13 countries, across Europe, Africa and the USA.


From Olympic Athletes, to Business Owners, members of diplomacy, Heads of governments or celebrities, Stella has conversations with them in order to understand their re-definition of Excellence, Success and Leadership, the journey that led them to where they are, and most importantly the values that they stand for.

Some of the values she shares with these leaders are:

  • The possibility of leading Powerfully, yet from a space of Openness and Vulnerability
  • The importance of sharing experiences and lessons learned with others, to help people from all communities at living a powerful life, filled with worthiness, deservedness and growth
  • The importance of little tiny growth steps in making massive transformational impact
Stella Bida


Stella is often contacted for the creation of International & Influential communities, as a Consultant or to be part of Advisory Boards.

She has the great ability to gather people from all backgrounds together, around visions she believes in.

People from the communities she is involved in :

  • Are invited into a purposeful vision, with a sense of deep belonging
  • Foster deep connections, collaboration, accountability and growth between each other
  • Become trustful Ambassadors, always ready to go the extra-mile for purposeful impact

This results in :

  • Exponential growing communities
  • Productive and performant community results
  • Extended networking and connection possibilities



This is not meant for everyone.

It is meant for the ones who want to Lead & Influence Powerfully, yet from a space of Openness & Vulnerability.

I know how lonely it can feel sometimes to navigate through our fears, our uncertainties or even unfair society bias, ... And how much it can feel a little "too much" to dare...

Together, we'll create your step-by-step Strategic Action Plan.

But we won't go where you want to go. I want to make that clear. Because where you want to go now is limited by what you know, or what has externally been projected of who you should be. And certainly other specificities related to your personal story.

As a next step, all you need to do is to contact me to plan your Intake Call. I can't wait to talk to you soon!

Stella Bida is an


She has received multiple awards worldwide and recognitions for her dedication to helping others bring out the best of themselves, through an expression of their leadership. She has been awarded « New Leader for Tomorrow » by the Crans Montana Forum, with Former President of Mali Dioncounda Traore, and Belgium’s Minister of State Herman De Croo.

Her work in empowering others has also led her story to being featured in the book "Gotha Noir" alongside worldwide influencers such as Naomi Campbell or Lewis Hamilton.

In 2017, she has been awarded at the Houses of Parliament in London by Global Woman for her impact and positive influence.

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Stella has been featured in numerous media outlets internationally from France, Belgium, the United States, to South Africa or Congo.

In 2018, she has been named as Top 10 Women who inspired the Global Woman Magazine audience, alongside global leaders such as Mary Buffett, or late Barbara Marx Hubbard.

Meeting & Networking with


Stella takes her inspirations from some of the most innovative leaders around the world. Travelling the world over the past years, she has been able to meet and get inspired from:

Business tycboons: JT Foxx Serial Entrepreneur, Billion dollar brand builder Jessica Simpson, Steve Wozniak, Apple co-founder together with Steve Jobs, ...

Media & Entertainment: Moira Forbes, Oscar winning actor Mel Gibson, Golden Globe winning actor Michael Douglas, Dr Phil, ...

Thoughtful leaders: Ndaba Mandela, Les Brown, ...

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Stella has been endorsed by some of the most influential leaders across the world, such as JT Foxx, Serial Entrepreneur & World's #1 Wealth & Business Coach.

Her clients, partners and people who have listened to her speaking love to share their experience and the results that they have from working with her.