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Stella Bida & Mel Gibson
Stella Bida & Steve Wozniak

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TEDx Talk (Brussels, Belgium - Live event, +700 people)

Topic: "Change: an Opportunity, rather than a Fear"

+ 30,000 views for my TEDx Talk on 'Change' 🌟

Back in 2019, I never thought that it would become relevant, in today’s environment of Uncertainty and Change...

The best part about this memorable experience is in the interactions I’ve had with wonderful people from around the world 🌎
Listening to how the talk has resonated with them, sharing our fears and challenges together around change, our transformations - this has connected us ❤️

Memorable experience! Grateful!

Check out the TEDx Talk →

Presidential Closing Session

(San Diego, USA - Live event)

Topic: Igniting & Leading Change

Wrap up from a great Presidential Closing Session!

Invited to speak in San Diego, at the American College Health Association (ACHA) Annual Meeting.

Very interactive session, in which we shared about so much, such as:
🔹The importance of having tough conversations leading to deep transformational change
🔹Which skills are needed to create environments in which people are receptive to change
🔹How to be Facilitators of change, vs forcing change upon people

It's also been great to hear some of the meaningful projects on which the ACHA leaders are working on, for the betterment of College Students healthcare!

Leading Change in Organizations

Topic: Leading Change Through Difficult Conversations

How can organizations start having the difficult conversations, that they know are critical to creating thriving cultures and drive sustainable change?

These conversations are the ones which allow them to minimize resistance to change, while creating cultures which support their business outcomes.

How to Influence the C-Suite

Topic: How to Earn Trust and Engage with the C-Suite

Interview Hacking HR Podcast, Leading Change in Organizations

Topic: What to do when chaos shows up, during a massive organizational change?


Repost from Hacking HR

In case you missed it, we had an interview with Stella Bida!
Stella is an Organizational Change Management Consultant. She has many years of experience helping companies navigate, accepting, and managing change in an effective way. Stella has consulted for companies across many sectors, such as financial, legal, management, and tech. She has a wide range of experience in Change Management and dealing with chaos.

Leading Change in Times of Uncertainty & Fear (Online Event)

Topic: How to Lead Change in Times of Uncertainty & Fear

This last year has been filled with unexpected disruptions - while organisations and their leaders were already in a constant state of change, in order to keep their competitive advantage on their market.

While uncertainty is growing, companies continue to thrive in keeping team productivity, performance and morale up. They know that if they don’t, this would affect their mere existence.

Which actionable steps can organisations and leaders put in place confidently, to help their teams navigate change with more ease?

Hosting The Conversations of Excellence (Online Show)

Topic: How to Lead Powerfully, from a space of Openness & Vulnerability

Sharing the values of amazing leaders across the world, as an inspiration guide to life, career and business

Sharing deep, personal and open conversations with Olympic Champions, Business Authorities, Members of diplomacy, Heads of governments

Some of the values shared with these amazing leaders are:
Leadership and Transformation through our Being
The importance of sharing our life experiences and lessons learned with others
The importance of little tiny growth steps in making massive transformational impact

Seasons 1 and 2 have been viewed in 83 countries across the world 🌎

Speaking, Leadership Masterclass (Online Event)

Topic: How to Build Instant Trust, To Lead Powerfully with Authenticity

... Even in the 'remote', changing and uncertain world we live in now

Speaking at CREALISE La Réunion

Influence Marketing (Online Event)

Topic: Influence & Leadership, Personal Branding and E-Reputation

Wow! Thank you to the 170 people who showed up during the Influence Marketing Masterclass with Crealise Indian Ocean! 🌟

The conversations and sharings with everyone were exceptional - even in a remote setup! 🌟

It was a pleasure to share about my experience on achieving ones career, business and community goals, by using the following strategies:

  • Influence & Leadership
  • Personal Branding
  • E-Reputation

Sharing my journey has been a great reminder for me to understand that no matter how "small" we think we are, an impact is possible... 💝

Thank you for the invitation Crealise Indian Ocean & Antoine DEVASLE 🚀!

Interview, Musoya Radio / TV (En ligne)

Sujet : « Suivre sa voie quand est définie par autrui ? »

Un plaisir d’être invitée par MUSOYA RADIO / TV Musoya Mali

Je serai en compagnie de :

* M. Mossadeck Bally, Président & Fondateur du Groupe Azalaï Hôtel - chaîne hôtelière phare de l'Afrique de l'Ouest et également Président d’honneur du Cluster Digital Africa

* Mme Coumba Bah – Directrice de Musoya, Ambassadrice du Cluster Digital Africa

Université Virtuelle UVPP Kingui du Mali

Rendez-vous le samedi 13 mars à partir de 17h GMT

Speaking at Made in Africa - The New African Leadership (Online Event)

Topic: Vision of The New African Leadership

Alongside other influencers from the African continent:

  • Dr Oby Ezekwesili: Former Vice President of the World Bank for Africa, Co-Founder of Transparency International
  • Mrs. Grace Njapau: Former Deputy Minister of Home Affairs and Member of Parliament, Zambia
  • Mr. Abdou Diop: Managing Partner at Mazars Audit & Conseil, International Audit & Consulting Firm
  • Dr Adal Rhoubeid: Minister and Special Advisor of the President of the Republic of Niger

Mrs. Karima Rhanem, President of the International Center for Diplomacy, will be moderating this talk.

Bouncing Back:Post Covid-19 Recovery, the Role of Lawyers and Entrepreneurs

Speaking, Bouncing Back: Post Covid-19 Recovery, the Role of Lawyers and Entrepreneurs (Online event)

Topic: How to Bounce Back from Covid-19

Speaking, ING Bank Corporate Event (Brussels, Belgium)

Topic: Self-Leadership & Success fulfilment

Speaking, Money, Wealth & Business Conference (Johannesburg, South Africa, Live event, +1,500 people)

Topic: How to Grow and Scale your Business through Customer Experience

Audience of 1,500 local and international entrepreneurs

Sharing the stage with JT Foxx, the World’s #1 Wealth and Business coach - and other celebrity speakers such as the Olympic Gold Medalist Steven Bradburry and Ndaba Mandela.

Speaking, Egrégore Entrepreneurs: The Power of Collective Intelligence, Business Event (Brussels, Belgium)

Topic: How to Build Your Global Brand, Business Authority

Event made possible by Jérémie Vanopdenbosch (Expert Networking Business)

Speaking, DENTONS, International Law Firm (Brussels, Belgium)

Topic: How can Women in Law Firms access to High Leading Positions?

Speaking, ABBOTT, Global Heathcare company (Brussels, Belgium)

Topic: How to use your Authentic Signature to Lead Others & Succeed

Speaking, Nordic Business Forum, Speaking Contest (Oslo, Norway)

Topic: Making Customer Retention King

The Nordic Business Forum is “Building Leaders who Change the World”

Full of gratitude to have been selected to be part of this powerful vision, in the context of the Nordic Business Forum Speaking Contest.

The previous years, the Nordic Business Forum welcomed President Barack Obama, Sir Richard Branson, Will Smith and many others

This year, the different editions of the forum will welcome for example George Clooney, Simon Sinek, Randi Zuckerberg, Steve Wozniak and Sara Blakely

Speaking, NxSE 2019, Business Event (La Réunion, France)

Topic: How can La Réunion use Personal & Business Branding as a tool to stand out in the African & Indian Ocean area

Great edition in 2019, with 700 guests at the opening "Choose La Réunion" with the President of the French Republic, Elisabeth Moreno Minister Delegate for Gender Equality, Diversity and Equal Opportunities

Shared panel discussions with great leaders and innovators of the French Tech

Speaking, Academy of Leadership Sciences in Switzerland & Global Woman Leadership Academy (Zurich, Switzerland)

Topic: Client Leadership Matters

Speaking at the European Union Pavilion, Promote (Yaounde, Cameroon)

Topic: Sharing Entrepreneurship Experience with Women in Business

Invited to speak, by the Economic and Business Affairs of the European Union in Cameroon

Gotha Noir Book Launch (Paris, France)

Speaking at the Book Launch of the Gotha Noir - An honour to be part of this unique book, alongside so many successful and inspirational people, such as Naomi Campbell, Lewis Hamilton, Stromae or Yannick Noah to only name a few - and so many others who are shaping the world.

The book preface is written by Pape Diouf, Former President of the Olympic football team of Marseille.

Speaking, NxSE Digital Business Event (Paris, France)

Topic: Women in Technology & Entrepreneurship

Regional Director of the Global Woman Club Brussels (Brussels, Belgium)

Opened the Brussels representation of the international Global Woman Club, an international business networking club.

Fastest growing networking community for women in business, with +30 clubs worldwide: Paris, Amsterdam, London, Los Angeles, Chicago, Johannesburg, Stockholm, Vienna, New York, Frankfurt, ...

Interviewing Billion Dollar Business Tycoon, Jessica Simpson (Los Angeles, USA - Live event, +2,500 people)

Topic: How to Start and Grow your Business, by Building Your Brand with Authenticity

How to build a brand with Authenticity, with business being a mean of Self-Expression and Self-Promotion of who we are

Audience of 2,500 entrepreneurs, from +80 countries

Sharing the stage with JT Foxx, the World’s #1 Wealth and Business coach - A-List celebrities such as Mel Gibson, Michael Douglas, Brooke Shields - Business Tycoons such as Steve Wozniak (co-founder of Apple with Steve Jobs), Jessica Simpson, ...